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Originally Posted by adk365
i've read as much as possible...still just trying to collect opinions on whether or not we can try wheeling our kayaks on this portage.
I too have been across the trail many times but have a different opinion than Glen's. Only traversed it once with wheels and once will remain the final number. It might work better with two people, but going solo the trail was just too rugged for wheels at the time I used them. In many areas the cleared logs from blowdown are not cut wide enough, so one wheel or the other has to climb up and over, causing hard work and the canoe to tip on it's side. I was far more beat (again, I was going solo) with wheels than at any time with canoe overhead without wheels.

I've done it with a wood strip 40 pound canoe and with Hornbeck. With Hornbeck overhead it is a pleasant walk in the park - a highly recommended way to go. With wood strip canoe overhead I rested several times and it was hard work on a single pass carry with pack, but it was ok. The next time I tried it with that canoe I had the wheels but wished I left them home. Fussing with the wheels and the roots and rocks and especially the cut blowdown logs making the trail too narrow took more time and was more frustrating than the overhead carry.

I have the Canadian Walker wheels, green tubular steel frame with bicycle type pneumatic tires. Reasonably lightweight and high enough to clear most trail obstacles, they work very well on wide enough trail, and are sturdy enough to carry a war canoe on the 90 Miler, with of course lots of help on the rough spots of the carries.
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