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Originally Posted by Msample
Where on the O river does the portage trail come out ? I did this back when Lows was first opened in the late 80s and it came out at High Falls ; now it appears to come out upstream . How far upstream ?
Get the topo map... look at the area west of Big Deer Pond, due south of Nick's Pond. The trail from the western shore of BDP crosses the marsh SW of BDP, where it joins and follows the ridge line south to where the contours almost intersect the river bend. The convoluted headwaters are not far upstream from that point. At the point where you enter the river a strong ice cold spring bubbling up from the river bed will freeze your feet after the long carry.

That's the only trail west of Low's that has been open since 15 July 1995 when the microburst hit. There are other spectacular wonders in the area if you are up to very tough bushwhacks.
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