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NG Trails Illustrated Map for the NPT

I noticed recently that NG has issued a Trails Illustrated map that covers the NPT:

No longer do you need to purchase two maps for the trail (The Northville/Raquette Lake map and the High Peaks map). The new map also includes the new section that recently opened.

As with all of the Trails Illustrated Maps, it is good but not perfect. The biggest departure is that the map professes to show designated tent sites, which I'm sure many users will like. However, it seems that NG used the infamous APA shapefile of Adirondack campsites, which (as has been discussed here in the past) is notoriously inaccurate in some areas. Some sites that would be extremely useful to know about are missing (Duck Hole). Other sites shown are sites in existence, but not designated- and these are technically illegal sites in violation of the 150 foot rule. Other sites simply don't exist (such as some of the ones shown in the West Canada Lakes).

While I applaud NG's decision to incorporate campsite information into at least one of their maps, I suspect that the inclusion of information of this quality is going to lead to some issues down the road.
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