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There really isn't a good published map that accurately shows legal, designated tent sites outside of the High Peaks.

Based on my memory:

I don't know of any designated tent sites on the NPT on the new stretch through the Shaker Mountain Wild Forest (near Northville). I believe there are long term plans to erect a lean-to on West Stony Creek, but it will likely be a few years before this happens.

I think there are a couple of designated sites on the south end of Woods Lake, along the new stretch of the NPT north of Upper Benson.

There is one designated site along the North Branch of Stony Creek, near where the new trail section rejoins the old trail just north of Upper Benson. It's in a large clearing alongside the trail.

I think the tent sites at Rock Lake and Canary Pond are supposed to be designated as per the Silver Lake WA UMP, but I've never seen "camp here" discs posted at them. I would verify with the DEC that these are indeed legal sites before camping there.

The West Canada Lakes WA still does not have a UMP, and there are no designated sites along the entire NPT north of Piseco until you reach Cedar Lakes. The site at Fall Stream is not a legal site; the DEC did post a "no camping" sign there a few years ago (that I think was later torn down by campers). The site at South Lake has also been closed, as per a DEC "no camping" sign.

There are 3 designated tent sites on Cedar Lakes- one on the west end, just north of the junction with the side trail to lean-to #3, one across the outlet of Beaver Pond from Lean-to #2, and one on the northeast shore of Cedar Lakes just east of lean-to #1. There is a fourth designated tent site on the south shore, just west of the dam, that is a bit hard to find (and requires you to cross the Cedar River below the dam).

There is a tent site on the west shore of the Cedar River Flow, near where the NPT briefly follows the shore of that body of water. I can't remember if this one is designated or not (or how easy it is to find from the NPT) but DEC maps for the flow seem to indicate that it is a legal, designated site.

There are several designated sites near/across the dam on the outlet of the Cedar River Flow. You would likely be sharing the area with car campers if you stayed here, though.

I believe Wakely Pond has a designated tent site on the east shore but I'm not 100% sure on this. I don't remember any other designated sites on rest of the Blue Ridge WA section.

There is a designated site on the west shore of Tirrell Pond, about midway up the pond.

I don't remember any designated sites on the trail between Tirrell Pond and Shattuck Clearing.

There is a single designated site east of Shattuck Clearing. It's somewhere near the junction with the trail to Moose Pond Stream- I can't remember if the tent site is on the NPT itself or on this side trail, but it's close to the NPT if it isn't exactly on it.

There is a single designated site at Duck Hole, located in a clearing set back a little ways from the dam site.

The UMP says that there is a designated site at Moose Pond, but I was only able to find a small clearing barely big enough for even one tent, and it wasn't signed as a designated site.

When I was last at Wanika Falls, the tent site wasn't marked with a "camp here" disc, but I am fairly certain it is supposed to be designated.

I hope this helps! :-)
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