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Amended Forum Rules - Please Read

As many of you know, we have created the ADKhighpeaks Foundation, which will be a charitable foundation dedicated to maintaining and improving (if you can do such a thing) the NYS Forest Preserve Lands. Some of that will involve the fundraising efforts currently underway, some of it will involve volunteer efforts and some of it will involve other stuff that comes along that we've not thought of yet.

These forums, which were owned privately by Neil and I before, will be folding into the foundation and be a part of that effort. Don't worry, it does not mean will be constantly be hounding people for money or donations. It really won't mean any drastic changes to the way this site is moderated or run. We will perhaps have one fundraiser a year (sorta like what we are doing now), or something similar to that, but these forums will continue to be free to use for our community members. You can choose to help us when we run a fundraiser, if you find the cause worthy enough, but that is completely up to you, the individual user.

This is a legitimate "charitable foundation" and we are currently in the application process to become a 501(c)(3) Non-profit, tax-exempt organization. That means that all donations (for future projects), will be tax-exempt and able to be claimed on your personal or corporate income tax. We view these as very positive things, however, in order to be classified as non profit, there are a few modifications to the rules that need to be made.

We are posting an "updated" forum rules, that will take effect immediately. You will notice only a few changes. Most notably, changes to rule #6 a,b. These involve the promotion and solicitation of member for-profit enterprises. They will be allowed (uniformly, so long as they are theme-specific to our community) in signature links with restrictions. Additional #6b is also added as a point of reference. It should be taken for granted, but now it is in writing. This is an opinion site, and you are free to post yours here, but just because you read it on this site, it does not mean that the Foundation endorses or agrees with it, particularly when it comes to reviews of gear, or services provided by other groups or companies. Nor does it mean that those groups/compainies are affiliated with the foundation because they are members here. Memberships are INDIVIDUAL.

If you have any questions. You of course are encouraged to PM either Neil or Myself.

These rules apply uniformly to both ADKhighpeaks and ADKForum. These rule can be found by following the link in the top menu bar above.
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