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Originally Posted by Lute Hawkins View Post
With all due respect, the tone and content of this particular rule suggests you have acquired police powers over forum members outside of this forum!
With all due respect, I don't think the tone or content implies any such thing, and if you think so, you must not know us well.

This line was added (several years ago I might add) after an experience between forum members (on another forum) where one was harassed by another member offline to the point where inappropriate behavior (stalking) and a physical altercation took place. It stemmed from an online disagreement. We also had several other instances of inappropriate communication taken offline from online.

It may sound stupid, or unneccesary to you, and that is fine. It's in there based on advice from someone smarter then me in that area and it's meant to protect both US and you, the individual member.

If you find it that offensive, feel free to PM me, and we can discuss it there.
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