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DEC Moose Video

Was at Fish and Wildlife Management Board meeting last week when a DEC biologist showed this video on the big screen. Now they've posted it on their Facebook page. Simply incredible. 'Love the vehicle backing up as the two bulls go at it.[0]=68.ARAzbEQcLKycJMQ_Z15YHJvCyXRkKcmzGUrVhSQEP23RaR bfPFP_lKQcdnO0GA95UTyVrZBBxMOaRubeYJrB7zXNnBnDTpow b523YCnG-7fVk8wzWOCmRkBYLiocF7J-IiT_HPWyYjtbtsOkkYhtuv3tijrIHuKhE21lohyxzhvEKpNGMX-5
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