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I see several links asking to introduce oneself, so here's a brief intro. I grew up in upstate New York, used to hike the Adirondacks as a kid and young adult. Since then I've lived in many places around the US and Europe and have come back to New York.

I camped and canoed a lot, still love canoes, but have moved more into sailing. I'm currently running a Windrider 17, which is a small trimaran. Draws not a lot more water than a canoe, but is substantially wider so lakes are the areas for me. I prefer primitive camping, no crowds and no motor boats if possible...

I sail larger boats, but those are more for oceans, and not camping. I have two daughters and am looking to get them off their cell phones and breathing fresh mountain air... And some independence that I think only camping can teach...

I'm really looking forward to getting back into the Adirondack Mountains and enjoying that spectacular region as an adult!

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