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Thanks for the response Don.

We want to do the Cable Route so I think coming back over Armstrong and Upper Wolfjaw makes sense rather than descending via the Cable Route. And missing Pyramid would be a shame so we'll head over there before Gothics. Sounds like the section between Armstrong and UWJ is something we should experience at some point as well. 14.8 miles, 3836 elevation gain

That leaves Sawteeth on it's own. West River Trail, Scenic Trail, Marble Point, East River Trail. 14.6 miles, 3186 elevation gain. I was surprised by that distance. We do want to do the Scenic Trail but maybe we'll use Lake Road or skip Marble Point.

Both of those are a little longer than anthing we want to tackle at the moment.

So for the next while we'll keep it a little shorter.

Street, Nye. 8.8 miles, 2628 elevation gain.

Lower Wolfjaw via Bennies Brook. 9.6 miles, 2943 elevation gain.

Rocky Point Ridge, Giant. 8.4 miles, 4406 elevation gain.

Tabletop, Phelps. 12.4 miles, 3770 elevation gain.

Wright, Algonquin, Iroquois, Avalanche Pass. 13.5 miles, 4477 elevation gain. Bail on Avalanche Pass if we're not up to it.

Thanks again,

P.S. Should mention that Cascade, Porter, and Big Slide are completed so we're trying to determine a plan going forward.

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