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Originally Posted by stripperguy View Post
I just reread a bunch of these introductions, and maybe some newer members might want to chime in here.
So here's an update on stripperguy since that introduction 10 years ago:

I'm still Mike, still married blissfully to MDB (My Darling Bride), still two kids.
Daughter and SIL have three beautiful children now, son has a great GF. Both are happy and very gainfully employed.
I have retired from the R & D company that I cofounded, now MDB and I tend to our 27 rental properties.
I still hike, bike, sail, paddle, ski, wilderness camp, and take lots of photos...
Skiing is mostly backcountry with AT gear now.
Since my previous introduction, I've built another 5 boats, assisted on 6 others, and been a virtual mentor (courtesy of the internet) for another 6 or 8 builders.
Also have been rebuilding insurance wrecked cars, motorcycles and trailers for a little extra pocket change lately, it's a fun outlet for my needs to build (and rebuild, I guess).
At a current 61 years old, I'm getting antsy about some of my planned excursions, there's so much I enjoy and only so many years of future fitness available...I think!
Anyway, I hope I've inspired some of you through my posts, and wish all of you will chase and attain your dreams as I have.

Mike T.
27?? How do you have time for anything at all? ha! Also, you look ten years younger than 61. And I still haven't forgotten about building that canoe...although I do have an existing canoe I'm tempted to slather up with release agent thanks to a certain post of yours...Thanks for the update!
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