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Originally Posted by Wildernessphoto
I see this sub-forum as a real asset to the NPT. I'd like to see it expand and include maps with locations of trouble spots, and flooded sections,

I'd like to see some form of de-briefing sheet developed to get info on blowdown, lean-to and outhouse problems, as well as bridge and walkway problems etc. (if you have idea's let me know)

If we can get specific info on these problems, with the coordinance from GPS or maps, we could forward this info to the DEC for the necessary repairs.

I'd also like to see specific info posted on support resources like Back-to-basics
and any other resources that could help the folks plan trips.

We also could use information on:



How to resupply by using post offices, where they are, how to find them from the trail, including the addresses that you ship too, and how to address the packages.

Information on what gear to bring, and what gear to send ahead to resupply locations.

These are just a few things I could think of that would be a big help to those planning a trip on the NPT.

What are your thoughts?

Do you have info you can share?
Get in touch with the ADK and see if you can get a contact list of the people who maintain the different sections of the trail and the lean-tos. They will be able to give you information on blowdown and other factors, while if anyone hiking it comes across it, the ADK would be the group to contact because to the best of my knowledge the DEC does little or no maintainence on the NPT.

As far as the PO's. Resupply packages are just mailed to yourself c/o general deivery at the Town, State and zip code that you want them delivered to. Mostly it's Piseco and Long Lake.

If you want a listing of the hotel/motels, campgrounds, request them from the Chamber of Commerce as the various communities, Wells, Piseco, Lake Pleasant, Long Lake, Newcomb and Lake Placid.

Gear is the same as for any multi day hike in the dacks and thats pretty well docimentated here for all seasons.

Conditions of trails can only be updated as people actually hike them so since we already have atrail report section. people could put it there unless you want a separate section but I thought you were trying to simplify things here.
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