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Originally Posted by redhawk
I sure feel sorry for all those people who hiked the NPT before the internet. It's a wonder they were able to survive or enjoy it. Imagine actually having to hike and not know what's around the next corner and not having to overcome any challenges.

That's hilarious .

I don't think the intent is to make a "How to hike the NPT for dummies" book. My thoughts are this: anyone looking to hike 120-130 miles as a single hike aren't the same folks hiking up Cascade in jeans in March (whoops, that was me! ).

What's actually going on, behind the scenes right now, is there's a group of concerned hikers LOOKING for information on the trail so they can get to the trouble spots, clear the blowdown or start pushing for resources and permission to rebuild/repair a broken bridge or damaged trail. Sure, we can't clear every stick of wood that's across the 130 miles, but we can at least get to the ones getting in people's ways and causing rerouting of the trail. There are vaguely known spots of trouble. We're trying to pinpoint these. That includes knowing where the trail gets very messy when the weather's bad, so trail hardening and such can be done to avoid trail widening and rerouting to avoid the muck.

As for the rest of the requests, having someone post some tips (like you did about how to address for a mail drop) could be useful to someone who's never done it. Having some of the easter eggs/insider info on specifics for hiking the NPTcan't be a bad thing, even if it's info that's found somewhere else. 50% or more of the posts here can be found somewhere else if you don't mind doing some serious digging and searching on google.

Liability? It's common and accepted fact forum posts and interactions are considered hearsay. I'm currently worth somewhere between -$60,000 and -$70,000 in credit and student loan debt, so if someone wants to help pay some of those bills so I can be freed up for a lawsuit I welcome you to go climb Marcy in your shorts - it's an easy hike and if you run fast enough you won't get cold! When you get back from the hospital you can sue me .
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