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Here's my latest toy:

It's a work in progress, rate it and send me some suggestions to further focus my lens. I would love to include a NPT lens in the network, but I'm not familiar enough with that particular topic to dare do it.

Click here and start the NPT lens: Build Lens

Also, it is possible that 'off-shoring' the info might mitigate liability.

I agree that trying to track every possible thing and real-time reporting would be difficult, but a general guide to hiking the NPT would be useful. I have not found the one single definitive place I can point inquiries to. Though I haven't committed to the Squidoo platform, something of this type along with a blog will complment our current evergreen/static data on our main Adirondack Region . This is a way to drag tourism kicking and screaming into the Web 2.0 movement.
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