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I am not saying they weren't there. However I know of a Salmon River that never had a salmon swim in it. I also read a second hand account where a hunter had a good winter killing Mountain Lions. When I read the original account the hunter called them "Mountain Tigers" and upon researching further it becomes clear he had a good winter killing Bobcats. Maybe Panther Mountain was named after a Bobcat? I know oldtimers who call Lake Trout a salmon.

From everything I have read originally most of the Adirondacks had no deer. It was moose country. Apparently the deer showed up after much of the Adirondacks were logged. Then the deer population exploded and moose disappeared. How did Cougars fare with moose? Since predators go where the prey go might the cougar have followed the deer into the Adirondacks?

Lots of questions.
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