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LISTEN TO Wldrns!!!!!

Originally Posted by Wldrns
I too have been across the trail many times but have a different opinion than Glen's. Only traversed it once with wheels and once will remain the final number. It might work better with two people, but going solo the trail was just too rugged for wheels at the time I used them. In many areas the cleared logs from blowdown are not cut wide enough, so one wheel or the other has to climb up and over, causing hard work and the canoe to tip on it's side. I was far more beat (again, I was going solo) with wheels than at any time with canoe overhead without wheels.
We tried to do this a couple years ago with our nice canoe wheels, and we got into some trouble for exactly the reasons stated above. There are just dozens/hundreds of cut trees which had fallen across the trail, and our wheels simply didn't fit through most of them. We had way to much gear with us, and it was a real nightmare trying to lift the boat/wheels over the obstructions.

The going was so slow that we ended up having to camp about half way between big deer pond and the river... was not a fun experiance. I'm not sure what the exact width of our wheels was, but it's a pretty standard set of wheels.
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