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Hi everyone: Rick here, 62, just-retired reference librarian. Grew up in Connecticut, moved to Northampton, MA 5 1/2 years ago. Have always loved the outdoors and natural history. Started enjoying mountain hiking in the early '70s, with the Presidentials. Hiked only in New England (mostly White Mts & Maine, aside from near-to-home CT hikes) & a bit of Southern NY, until 1988. My father's family was from Utica and they spent some time in summer in the southwest Adirondacks, which formed my idea of the Adks: lakes & woods. Since I was fixated on mountains, for my vacation hiking anyway, I didn't see why I should go to the Adirondacks when I figured they had nothing like the Whites, Baxter Park, Rangeley-Stratton, etc. Ignorance is not bliss. In 1988 I happened to go to the high peaks area and realized how much I'd missed. For over a decade I mostly went to the Adks. Now I've established a balance, helped by having more time & by being nearer to all the areas in question.

In 2010 I decided to buy a small boat to better explore wetlands, an environment I'd always had trouble seeing closely enough. After trying a couple of small boats, I tried out a Hornbeck by going on a guided paddle with Lynn Malerba, then bought one. So now I have a new love competing with the trails. Went on my first canoe camping trip last summer (Follensby Clear-Polliwog-Hoel-Turtle-Slang-Long Pond-Floodwood-Fish Creek-Fish Creek Ponds-Follensby Clear) & loved it. Hoping to do a longer loop next summer, maybe starting at Little Clear, going down through Upper Saranac, back through part of last summer's loop, then up to Fish Pond and around. Then maybe a shorter paddle trip somewhere else in the Adks that I can follow with a few favorite hikes in the high peaks. Maybe the Seward & Seymour bit, haven't done that for a long time, plus it might be a good chance to finally try the Sawtooth range which I've eyed with interest from a distance & on maps.
I don't do winter hiking so as you can see I fill in with daydreams about the other three seasons.
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