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Hi All,
Checking in say hello and extend my thanks to all who post in this forum. It’s been a great resource for trip planning, and pointed me toward a few walks I might have otherwise overlooked. Also found a few really clever ideas to retro-fit an old external frame pack for canoe portage that I’m eager to try.

Quick bio. Grew up in Saratoga County. Fortunate to have parents who had summers off and loved the outdoors. Spent a lot of my youth canoe camping, fishing and hiking around Hamilton County. Spent some time hiking in the High Peaks (15/46) and Green Mountains during college.

Worked for about 10+ years in coastal NC after college. One week of vacation in the ADKS was never enough, so when opportunity knocked in ’03 my bride and I packed up kids and dog and returned to the Capitol Region. Now we’re happy to neglect yard and other weekend chores if it means enjoying a few more days in and around Long Lake.
Been bitten by the walking bug since moving back.

Plan to finish the Fire Tower Challenge (8 more to go) in summer of ‘12.
Owl’s Head, Vanderwhacker and Poke-O –Moonshine are a few favorites so far.

On December 9, 2011 I started section walking from our front door to Great Adirondack Steak & Seafood. Completed the first 56 miles - Schenectady to NPT trailhead at Upper Benson - on March 11, 2012. Just need to retrieve a bug shirt and what’s left of my fly box from a brother before I resume the walk in May. Plan is to section hike and fish the NPT , finishing the walk at the restaurant on December 9, 2012.

A family trip around the CL 50 is also the works. Some careful planning, plus a ‘practice trip’ or two, is still needed before we take this on.

Meantime, there are towers to climb and streams to wade.

Again, thanks to all for sharing their knowledge and insight in this forum.
Hope to add to it soon.

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