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We're coming up on a year since comments were closed. I've yet to hear anything decisive... perhaps if these trails were to be built, I'd like to ride them in my lifetime, but it's not looking good the way things move

I have a query into the IMBA for anyone who has been following or has any interest as to what the status is. We should get an update sometime this month.

For those of you who aren't bikers, this may be good news for you though. These new trails will bypass most of the snow machine trails and provide a network for skiers to use the WF lands more and not be run off by snow machines. I suggested that IMBA look into what the APSA has proposed to see if some conditions could be met to make summer bike trails more usable Nordic ski trails in the winter. Much of this would be trail planning in terms of runoff grading for summer use and providing adequate width with steeper pitches for skiers. Perhaps not a full width trail, but a "gladed" sections to keep the natural character as well as the single track character for bikers.

I got no response regarding this interaction, but perhaps will try again.

I'm almost sure a solution can be made. These type of groups need to work together or we'll be left playing second fiddle to snow machines and vehicles.
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