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I just wanted to follow up on this. I finally got out there to clean it up, and I took all your instruction to heart. I used the goof-off graffiti remover, which comes out as a gel. I let it sit for a bit, then used a scrub brush to push it around. That stuff works great. After it was broken up, I broke out the wet towels. I had two five gallon buckets, one full of water and old terrycloth towels (Well, they looked old to me, don't tell my wife). I wrung one out, and wiped down the rock, and dumped the towel into the empty 2nd bucket. After the first one, it was almost completely gone. I did that five or six more times, each time using a freshly wrung towel from the clean water side. I didn't drip anything, and I'm confident I got rid of 99.9% of whatever caustic material may have been left on the rock. Since it was nowhere near the water, I thought this to be OK. Final result:

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