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General Trout Fishing Question


I have a question about trout fishing.....We have fished a popular trout pond in the northern ADK’s the last 3 years on the weekend following Memorial Day weekend.....Two years ago and last year, the fishing was pretty good with many fish caught every day.....We camped on the pond each time and were joined almost every day by other fisherman doing day trips.....I was there this past weekend (same weekend as last 2 years) and the fishing pretty much sucked.....I had the whole pond to myself the entire trip and did not really see any other fishermen that were serious about it.....Any idea why the fishing was no good this year and why nobody else was fishing there? The only thing I can say I noticed is that the water felt very cold compared to the last 2 years.....Is the fishing behind schedule this year due to the wet and cool weather we have had so far this year?

Just trying to figure out what was wrong this trip.....

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