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Gman, I don't know where you live, but here NY, there are farmers who keep their livestock out in the fields during the winter for grazing; there are also some breeds that are hardier than others and can even pick through the snow to feed, so long as it isn't too deep.

It's very rare that these animals are ever in one centralized location where the farmer can keep constant tabs on them. And these men and women are almost always busy; some of them are running these operations with only 1 or 2 part-time hands.

The coyote is an important part of our ecosystem but can be a big problem for these rural farms and residents if their numbers are left unchecked. Your own experiences with coyote predation may be different from others', but their capabilities and damage potential as predators is almost universally acknowledged. Here is a little reading for you to consider:

For the US alone, 220k head of cattle were lost due to predators in 2010; the #1 cause, by a wide margin, was coyote predation. I'm not interested in comparing each other's notes on farming knowledge, but it's more than pointless for you to try and pretend that coyote predation isn't a relevant issue for a lot of farmers.

Culling is one means of keeping them in check. I've hunted coyotes with dogs. I've called for them as well (which is basically what the contests entail too, the only difference being that there are weigh-ins and prizes for certain rankings). Both methods epitomize fair chase and have very steep learning curves. The anti-hunting guru's, who seem to be especially vocal on this section of the forum, may not like coyote hunting but there is a practical context for why it is so popular in the rural areas. And more importantly, there is DEC management and supervision in place to ensure that they can be hunted for the long term without compromising their viability as a species.

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