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Originally Posted by Pauly D. View Post
I'm going to try some old time dope this year. I hear it stinks bad but works well.
It does have an interesting smell but it's a true waste of time as a repellent. If you follow Yellowcanoes advice (and don't bath) and if you embalm yourself with this stuff for a few days without washing, if you build strong smokey fires and cure yourself like a kipper you might get some benefit from it. Otherwise follow Yellowcanoes advice. I use any product that is high in DEET....don't want to use DEET? Hm... suffer and hopefully live to tell the story

Some folks report success using permethrin.... I'm not convinced. I watched a swarm of black flies travel the entire length of Long Lake (on the Allagash) swarming around my sons head. I was using DEET and did not have a single one anywhere near me...

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