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Again, I think you are full of $hit, Bounder. Lots of talk with nothing to back it up.

Yeah there are more bears on the North Country according the DEC report, but the populations are on the rise in the Catskills and they plan to manage those populations. It seems they are issuing more tags to try to reduce populations there. Look at the charts on pages 14 and 15.

From what they show about half the population is estimated to be in the Northern region and half in the Southern, and recent 5 year hunting averages show about 2/3 of the bear taken in the Southern, but that does not account for what I said earlier, and that is how many tags are issued. It's obvious to see here that the DEC management plan is to reduce bears in the Catskills therefore more bears are being harvested, even if the total population is less. Also, in terms of density, it appears that the Catskills may be more dense because it is a smaller area with over a 1/3 of the bear population.
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