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When I think of a cliff, I picture a near vertical rock wall that is extremely tall.
Sure there might be some breaks in the rock here & there where there are ledges, but the entire 'cliff' face itself may continue almost straight up.

Slides & steep open slabs are a little different in my opinion, as I don't really think of them as cliffs 'per se'.

With that being said (or typed rather), I will add a few more photos of some of the more impressive cliffs that I've seen in my travels in the Adirondacks...

Long Pond Cliffs:

Cat Mtn:

Sherman Mtn:

Eagle Bluff:

near Eagle Bluff:

Treadway Mtn:

Barton High Cliffs:



Have any of you folks ever climbed any of these, and would like share some stories and/or photos?

...And to all of you folks viewing, please feel free to add more "Cliff Photos" to this thread if you have any, I'd love to see more of them.

Maybe we can create our own little list of "Tallest Cliffs in the Adks"....
...Or would that be something like posting a list of your favorite fishing holes...
If it is, please let me know & I'll remove my photos. Like I said, I'm not a climber, just curious, Thanks for any help.
- Justin


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