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Jim Lawyer
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Justin: There is documented climbing at most of the cliffs shown in your photos.

Long Pond Cliffs: This is documented in Adirondack Rock. Centered in your first photo is the Loon Roof. Your second photo shows the Too Close for Comfort Buttress (on the left) and the Rodeo Buttress (on the right). These are shown on pages 521 and 523 respectively.

Cat Mountain: This is the lower cliff on Cat Mountain, and has a couple routes documented on the New Routes page of The upper cliff on Cat Mountain is on page 592, and has one of the most pure, hard cracks around.

Sherman Mountain: I'm not exactly sure which cliff is shown, but there are many cliffs on Sherman Mountain, including Lost Hunter's Cliff (page 555), McMartin Cliff (New Routes), and Lost T2 (also on New Routes).

Eagle Bluff: No climbing reported here yet. Rather difficult to get to!

"new Eagle Bluff": This photo is West Canada Cliff (documented on New Routes). The wall shown in your photo is called the Black Wall, and has two rock climbing routes (Cowboy Up and Sausage Science), and an ice climb (Beast of the Northern Wild, WI5+). It's quite an expedition to get there.

Treadway Mtn: Looks cool. No reported climbing there, although somebody did some climbing exploration on nearby Devils Washdish in the late 1970s.

Barton High Cliff: Well documented in Adirondack Rock (page 469). The ice in your first photo is From My Cold Dead Hands (not especially well formed in your photo).

If you're looking for more photos like this, try here.

...or here check out the photo album called "Adirondack Cliffs" located here.
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