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i have done this several times on long rides / trips.

i set the gopro to start filming immediately on power up - 1 touch start or something in the menu. i then set the camera to default start in time-lapse mode, with an interval of like every 1-2 seconds or 5 seconds (for mountain biking / road cycling) i start and stop the camera with 1 push and let it run as i go through a cool section or road / trail, then hit the button again to conserve power. i then edit down the photos when i get home. usually lots of them for a weekend trip.

if you have enough spare batteries, or a battery pack, you can let it run all day... but you'll be sorting through thousands of files!

here are some samples from my trip through MRP last year:
ADK-BKPK-GoPro by Mike, on Flickr

ADK-BKPK-GoPro by Mike, on Flickr

ADK-BKPK-GoPro by Mike, on Flickr

Steep hill to the finish, but it was slick! by Mike, on Flickr

here are a few from a gravel ride, i shot video using the 1 touch method above, then grabbed stills from the videos. i like the photo option better...

25 by Mike, on Flickr

16 by Mike, on Flickr

i have done the time lapse function to create a movie from the bars of the bike... works OK... but it can be pretty bouncy. here is a sample: (shot at night, with full intention of seeing the streetlights and car lights streaked out by the exposure time)

i do want to do this on a bikepacking ride though and capture the whole thing, maybe shooting once every 30 seconds or minute, just to see what it would be like. i think the key is having something in frame that keeps the viewer grounded - so front of the kayak or canoe, bike, etc.
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