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Originally Posted by dundee View Post
I can't speak for anyone else, but I have had very few good encounters with mt. bikers. Most of my encounters were of the negative variety where I am out on a hike and a mt. biker(s) tells me to get out of the way and screams past me at full speed.

This has happened in WF AND Wilderness areas and these people have had no regard for the law or another's safety.

The only time I had a good encounter was when the terrain was so rough, they had to get off the bike and walk.

Like everything else, I'm sure there are good bikers out there, I just don't see them often.

Perhaps it's the bikers attitude that needs to change.
I think a lot of this is the general dichotomy between the "need for speed adrenaline junkies" and the "in the woods for relaxation" set. Motorboats vs canoes, snowmobiles vs skis, hiking vs mountain biking. They tend to annoy each other.
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