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Seems this whole bikes in the Wilderness was not just a diversion, there seems to be some real change here:

I only skimmed the article, but it seems they want to allow bikes to White Lily pond even with a Wilderness designation. The traditional way around this was a primitive corridor, but it may just bring about a change to allow bikes in Wilderness areas on a case-by-case basis, which would make more sense than spot zoning with corridors.

This is similar to what I have advocated in the sense bikes should be allowed where use is seen as acceptable. Allowing them on old roads isn't exactly the change in MTB that I was hoping for BUT there are some good forest roads that do support multi-use with little detriment. Fish Pond TT is in exceptional condition and stays dry despite many different uses from bikes to canoe carts to skis. There is one bad spot that is starting to wash out and it appear to me that there is some asphalt that has been added in the steeper sections. But any road that is 12' wide will have issues like this.
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