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Originally Posted by montcalm View Post
So um, I really don't get this... because someone had one bad encounter with some jerks, it's all finger pointing.
You don't get it? You seemed to get it quite well when you were complaining about the perceived abundance of drunk snowmobilers.

That aside, more areas should be open to bikes. Old and active roads make sense, as do certain snowmobile trails. Certain foot trails, less so; the foot traffic is already causing quite a bit of trail erosion. Bikes, like anything else with mechanically-powered wheels, will take their toll on unimproved trails. There would have to be active maintenance for high traffic trails, which means lugging equipment several, or more, miles into the woods, which means time and money. The snowmobile clubs proactively help out with trail maintenance for their network of trails (both on private and public lands). You'd have to have the same kind of buy-in from bikers in order to make this work.

Bikes aside, everyone should feel good about the finalized plans for the Boreas area. I think a lot of people wanted to be able drive close enough before having to dismount and hoof it and the DEC wanted to have access to the dam structure; this plan seems to allow for that.

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