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Originally Posted by Bounder45 View Post
You know what I've learned from this conversation Monty? I've learned that some people just love to hate and complain.
You learned something? Well, that's more that I can say about what I've got out of your retorts.

Because I'm honest about the way I feel about something, that makes me a hater? Because I don't like the noise, the smoke, the culture that goes along with a particular activity, it makes me a bad person? No. That just makes me real.

I'm not saying and never did say limiting motor vehicles from forest lands will limit any of those problems, but as I see it, they are real world problems. And I'd rather not teach my children that's the way they should enjoy the mountains.

If you want to vilify bicycles, go ahead, no one is stopping you and it's been done for nearly a hundred years. But if you actually go look at the facts and get involved with it (you live in Rochester, right? Go join GROC), your opinions might change by looking at real world trail building and shared use trails. And I won't say mountain bikers don't like their booze, but if you can show me one case of a cyclist seriously injuring or killing another cyclist or hiker, I'll shut my mouth and never say another word about it.

Cyclists are killed everyday by motorists. But where was anyone on that? Opening a road to motor vehicles is literally a death sentence to bikers. No one seemed to complain - but it is the reality. And people will not hike a road that they can drive on unless out of necessity, so let's not go there.
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