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Originally Posted by Tug Hill View Post
Anyone who thinks beavers enhance water quality and brook trout populations, is delusional . I gave the Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust staff a tour last summer, they saw the beaver destruction first hand.

Why do you think the DECís Best Managment Practices for timber harvests, suggests 75í - 100í buffers along classified trout streams ? Itís more about about protecting shade integrity, than just stopping siltation, beavers do not abide by best management practices.

Still no takers on my invite, just as I expected, talk is cheap, I rest my case.
I agree with you on beaver destructiveness where population gets out of hand (which is most places these days, since pelts don't fetch much). Re-introduction of wolf is the only viable long term solution for proper rodent management, but it isn't likely to happen any time soon...

However, in fairness to the beaver RE: "best practices in timber harvesting" - I've never seen a rodent drive a 4wd 15,000+ lb skidder dragging a load of 20' logs...
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