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Originally Posted by Stillhunter View Post
According to studies done by ESF in the Huntington Research Forest where they collected and examined the scat of Coyotes in the Adirondacks they claim that Beaver makes up a pretty significant and growing part of their diet. Eastern Coyotes are big and very capable of killing the beaver in place of wolves. No need to consider bringing in wolves.
It'd be great if eastern coyotes could take place of wolves in beaver management.

From what I've seen in the woods (or meadows) the beaver numbers don't seem to decline in any significant way. It's possible the 'yotes are adapting and will take care of more beavers. However, it's also quite possible that 'yotes are simply taking advantage of the opportunity to snack on the young and the sick of the overpopulation that beavers are causing...

Unfortunately, it seems the 'yotes are displacing red fox among other side effects. The small rodent population is less attractive to 'yotes, so I've got chipmunks, mice and voles run a mock. Then you've got ticks using mice as hosts...

Somewhere, somehow some king of "balance" will be established - it might not be what's good for brook trout though.
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