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A little additional info-across from Lahart's farm up on the Stephenson Range once was an ice chute for logging. Horses wearing calks pulled a dripping water wagon up the chute building up ice for the logs to come down on. The logs then went to one of the local kilns.
A couple of the loggers did get killed or mangled in the chute.
I got this info directly from Wilford Lahart.
Back thirty years ago or so, one could see the 'chute's line' in the woods if they stood at Lahart's. I've always wondered if the old snowmobile trail on the Stephenson Range didn't use, part of the chute, but I do not know.
That snowmobile trail can still be found walking into Cooper Kiln [Cooper Kill] but I believe it is well grown in now. I saw the beginning of it just five years ago on a snowshoe trip to Cooper Kiln.
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