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Looking at the GPS log, I was maybe 400m from the summit when I turned around. Had I known how close I it was, I would have pushed for it. (And maybe found myself in a headline before I found my car.)

Tele bindings on waxless skis took me to and from the dam. I brought skins but never used them. I was trying to hit the summit at midnight and behind schedule, so I didn't take the time to switched back to skis when there was more snow than rock and water. Instead I carried the skis(!) strapped to my pack with me the whole way up. Another too tired to make good decisions moment.

If I had a working AT setup, I'd have tried to ski down. It looked like it'd have been so much fun. But, I can barley turn on tele skis. In fact, this was my first trip of any length on them. I didn't realize how hot I'd get skiing compared to snowshoeing. I sweated through my layers before I'd even started the real climb. Nothing like being cold and damp in strong winds
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