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FWIW, the sister forum,, focuses on hiking in the High Peaks. You're more likely to find recent reports over there. For example, here's one where the individual left Marcy's summit in poor visibility:

Based on your tracklog, you stopped at the first patch of exposed terrain, right next to the "half-pipe" (a gully than looks like a half-pipe when filled with snow). The balance of the route has very limited to zero protection from the wind.

The blue line in this photo effectively represents the remaining trail to the summit from where you stopped. In the linked Trip Report, the hiker lost the trail about 800 feet from where you turned around, namely that large patch of exposed rock.

How do you like the Garmin Vivoactive HR? It seems like an affordable alternative to expensive multi-sports watches yet includes heart-rate monitoring and a barometric altimeter. Does it maintain a good GPS fix?
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