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Originally Posted by ADK-DRIFTER View Post
I have a question to whomever has knowledge on the subject? I was once hunting with 3 friends, we were all in camo and went in different directions one day. While out, I was approached by a helicopter, black, with no markings. He seemed to pick me out with no problem even though I was motionless and again in camo. He hovered in front of me and let me know he saw me. When I arrived back at camp I found three stories being told by my friends with the exact same results. My question, I believe infra-red detection was used to find our body heat, why can't this be used to find lost hikers/hunters?..........
I can also say that retrofits to add IR imaging to helo's are very expensive...upwards of $100K per unit. That's hard money to find for many SAR units...
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