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If it smells like BO or monkey butt, it gets washed.
I only wash shells when they get muddy or if the water repellancy needs a refreshing. baselayers get washed every time. mid layers usually can go on two hikes before they need washing.

as for "hardware" like poles. I just brush dried mud off them. anything that can rust gets washed and dried and maybe oiled for storage, especially seasonal stuff like crampons or snowshoes that I won't be using for a while. boots usually get re-waterproofed as needed.

packs and things like that only get washed if I spill something in them that might dry sticky or smelly or that might attract animals. or if something wet stays in there too long and it gets mildewey, or if they get really muddy. and it might just be a wipe with a wet or soapy towel.
Monkey butt, huh? Now that's nasty....if it smells that bad it may be time to "86" it....either that or save it to wear in black fly season.
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