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Before people start sending GTS off to streams that sound suspiciously like they belong in the OZerondacks, lets welcome him to the forum. That said, I have heard of a few times where members have been seen the business end of a sock full of oranges for giving up the goods on the first date.

GTS, what kind of fishing do you like to do? Fly, spin, dynamite? You should also note that October 15th marked the end of the regular season for trout season in NY. There are still lots of streams that you can check out throughout the colder months, but you'll need to check out the NY fishing regulations to make sure that you are fishing legal water. There is one such stretch of water near you, but you'll have to work for it. Here are some clues:

It loosely translates to "Stick River"
It is right on the border between your state and the state of a guy who exclusively fishes with worms.
The Witches play golf on its shores a bit downstream.

Can you figure it out?

P.S. don't male brookies in spawning color kind of look like ruby slippers?
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