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Gregg: I don't have as much experience as many on here, but I have built a cedar strip canoe (Redbird design from Canoecraft) and am now finishing up a guideboat. In my mind, the guideboat is not any harder, but is a lot more work because of the added surface area. You don't realize how much bigger they are until you start sanding them. When you say solo canoe, that can mean lots of things. Are you looking for one just for day trips or do you need one big enough for overnights? There are many free designs on the web and you will undoubtedly be buying a book of some sort as a guide and they usually have some free designs included as well. The Canoecraft book is a good one I think and if you want a small solo canoe, Mac McCarthy's Featherweight Boatbuilding has free plans and doesn't overcomplicate the process. I'm looking for a solo canoe to build that I can use for overnight trips and the Osprey design currently has my eye. Good luck on your search and keep us posted with your progress.
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