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Originally Posted by Bark Eater Too View Post
Last time I was on Wakely (a couple of years ago) the cabin was unlocked. The DEC had dropped some shingles for the roof and some lumber for new stair treads for the tower. Does anyone know if they made the improvements? Some of the tower steps were getting a little punky.
From what I can recall, having been there my last time near the tail-end of summer, the shingles had been replaced. I'm not positive about the tower steps, but I don't seem to remember anything seeming too sketchy on the way up, so if I had to wager a guess I would say, yes, some of the treads have been replaced.

I'm also quite sure I remember a lock on the cabin door, but it could surely have since been removed or my memory is possibly incorrect. It certainly wouldn't be the first time (for a lock removal or my memory being fallible ).

Also, as I mentioned and posted a couple pictures of in a previous thread, the helipad has been refurbished to the point that it would seem to be operational for whatever uses DEC deems fit. I would assume that would be the easier transportation of materials to the summit and facilitating any potential SAR operations, though that would only be my guess.

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