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Originally Posted by montcalm View Post
Sorry... but this is hilarious

What do you think this will actually cost the state?

PS A couple thousand would be a drop in the bucket and I bet it's actually not even close to that. And how many votes might this one buy? Five or ten? I bet the people that go will easily cover their cost with the taxes they have paid in this state.

The thing I really can't understand is why they need to promote camping in NYS. Most of the good campgrounds are overflowing during most of the summer.

Perhaps it's an attempt to show people what they get for their tax contribution.
It will cost the state nothing. It will cost the taxpayers.

No body knows what it will cost or how big a program it is. What is does spend is money the state does not currently have. So actually, it just adds to the pile of debt our kids and grandkids have to pay.

There are a lot of nice things government can do for us. There are a lot of nice things we can do for ourselves. Some things are appropriate for government to do. Some things are appropriate for individuals to do on their own.

Is this new "freebie" worth diverting funds from other DEC programs? Is it worth stocking a few thousand fewer trout? Where does it stop?
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