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Brings back memories of some time ago. NYSDEC at one time had two state funded tree nurseries, one near Lowville next to the Black River, and another facility in Saratoga. My best childhood friend's father managed the Lowville facility where the family lived in a nice house provided by the state. I lived a mile away. We grew up having the run of the 100 acre nursery with its dirt roads and canals and wildlife, as well as the river. In the spring they would hire temporary workers (I was one) to pick seedlings from the growing beds. Count 50 seedlings, and tie them in a bundle for processing and shipment. All day. It was a backbreaking job. At that time they sold for a penny a piece.

Then in its "wisdom", the state decided that due to funding cuts the nursery closest to Albany was the only one to keep open, so the family was moved there to live and manage that facility. At least we were mostly grown by then and about to go our own individual way away from home. I am still in touch with my friend, and his elderly father who lives on a private tree nursery of his own.

A nice custom by my friend's father was to present a small live blue spruce tree to the family of a deceased member who had connection or worked at the nursery. I have a couple of those trees, now quite mature, proudly growing in my yard.
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