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Mount Everest: Confessions of an Amateur Peakbagger (special book offer)


In December of 2006, Rochester, NY executive Kevin Flynn climbed Mt. Kosciuszko in Australia to become a part of a very elite climbing club. He is one of only 90 people (30 Americans) to have climbed the highest mountains on each continent. The absolute pinnacle of Mountaineering, the SEVEN SUMMITS.

By far his hardest step along the way was Everest, which took two attempts, the first nearly killing him and resulting in his evacuation from the mountain. This book is a very humble account of those climbs. Kevin is a special because his pedigree for climbing is similar to many of ours. He cut his climbing "teeth" in our beloved "Adirondacks". Kevin discovered the high peaks just after high school in the mid-seventies and became 46er #2349 in 1987 after finishing on Allen. As far and high as he's gone in the "climbing" world, Kevin still loves his Adirondacks.

Kevin is a supporter of the ADKHighpeaks Foundation and has graciously donated 50 signed copies to us to be sold through our foundation to raise money for our cause. We make this special offer to you. These books are signed by Kevin and in brand new condition.

They retail on AMAZON for $15.95 (unsigned), and we offer our signed copies of them at the same price (plus shipping). $20 will get your copy sent to your door. This book is has a 5-star customer rating on Amazon. If you like books on Mountaineering, or just want to be taken on a journey from Mt. Haystack to the top of the world........ this book is PERFECT for you.

Get your special (signed) copy HERE
$20 per copy (shipping included)

Learn More at Kevin's website

A few reviews from names you might recognize.

"I think people should climb for the fun of climbing. Flynn obviously loves the mountains and you'll have fun reading about his climbs."
- Ed Viesturs
"I've climbed with Flynn on Everest and Elbrus and he understands that there's a lot more to mountaineering than just getting to the summit. I think this book will help the reader understand the joy and pain that accompanies every climber on a big mountain climb. Flynn gets it."
- Phil Ershler
100% of the Proceeds go to the Foundation

* - We expect to start shipping within the next week or so - Early July 2009 (Kevin is signing them now )

** - If you want more then two copies, contact me at:
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