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Originally Posted by Troy1964 View Post
I pulled this off of wikipedia:
Heavily politicized issues are often called "hot-button issues" because almost any position taken is sure to please one group of people and offend another.

A group holding one opinion on an issue will sometimes accuse their opposition of "politicizing the issue". The implication is that they are honestly dealing with the issue on the merits while the opposition is bringing the issue up purely for political gain.

Based on the above, I can see how the entire SAFE act issue (and any comments about it) is political.

However, it would seem appropriate that the members and moderators not "cut" posts to further any one political perspective. I would think objectional posts should be deleted in their entirety.
Agreed...I wasn't leaving only a part of it to make a specific point, but it did appear that way perhaps.

Sorry, but this is a very touchy issue, and I've seen it go to pieces quickly. We don't want that...

To clarify your point - debates about the impact or effectiveness of SAFE Act are political. Clarifications or questions about specific facts on the ruling itself are not.

Thanks for your help and understanding
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