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Originally Posted by MrKawfey View Post
One thing I'm not clear on: We are always warned about "toilet" hygiene and the risk of hand-to-mouth contamination, but how is it possible to infect yourself? If Giardia were present when you relieve yourself, wouldn't you already be infected?
Your theory makes sense if you are out by yourself and not touching anything that would come in contact with anyone else (ex. register, lean-to journal, etc). But if you are out with other or in areas other people also use, you should be aware of toilet hygiene to prevent infecting others.

As for the article, I do believe there is probably a low risk of contacting something, especially out in the Adirondacks. (Note, I mostly stay away from the High Peaks region). I am aware of at least 1 person who doesn't filter their water but they do make sure they are picking good water sources. That's probably a good way to avoid picking up anything.

You can call me lazy, but I've never gone out of my way to pick a good water source. It's easier to just pick whatever water looks half decent and run it through my $30 3oz filter. Obviously I'll try to avoid a mucky, murky puddle but I could even filter water from there if worse came to worse.
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