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Me too. If I'm going to need to get water, I just carry the filter.

Sure, a "minority" of sources are contaminated. But for your health, "most of the time" isn't good enough. All our food and meds are held to a VERY high standard. Probably less than 0.1% of that stuff has anything in it that will end up making you sick. So today most people probably should not settle for sources where the best we can say is that only a "minority" is contaminated.

Camp hygiene is also certainly a big issue, as has been shown in studies. Regarding whether you can make yourself sick if you are out alone, I am not sure on that one. I think I would wait for someone with more knowledge. I'm not sure that the bacteria that are in the "downhill end" of your digestive system are OK to put into the "uphill end."

(Good topic. Very sad that the racists at Slate managed to make even this completely innocent topic into a racial issue. What the hell is the matter with those people?)
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