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Originally Posted by montcalm View Post
... I mean people used to drink from those moose poop infected streams all the time with no issue. ...
... this is based on what peer-reviewed study?

Originally Posted by montcalm View Post
I really don't know what started the whole craze.
A "craze"? What, like the Emerald Ash Borers craze?

Like many so-called "new" things, they're just old things but from somewhere else on the planet. Or something old that mutates and evolves into something new (and deadly to humans).

It wasn't that long ago that people didn't filter water, like my father's generation. I don't think they were obsessive boilers either but I don't know for sure. Pretty sure people just didn't worry about it.
There's something to be said for developing a tolerance to 'local bugs' but those bugs can and do evolve into new strains. What was benign a human generation ago, has had time to potentially mutate over a bajillion of its own generations into something that would sicken or kill grandpa (even if he could magically revert to the vigor of his youth). Life around us doesn't remain static and, in its quest to survive and thrive, can become a threat to human health.

Or it just gets transported from elsewhere and becomes (from our perspective) an 'invasive species'. Hanta virus used to be something rodents carried in southern climes but is now present in northern (US) areas. How did it get here? Migrating mice or infected ones accidentally, or unknowingly, transported north? Whichever way, Hanta is here and, although one shouldn't lose sleep over it, being aware of it (and how you contract it) can be handy.
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