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Montcalm, you may be right in some of what you just posted, but I'm pretty sure when Noah and others like him drank wild water Giardia wasn't here as, wasn't it brought over from Asia in the 50s/60s from mountain climbers who weren't to discreet in their toilet habits?
It was from the 'new diseases' brought in that better sanitary habits around our waterways were developed from need.
I recall all too many times just open excrement and tp on the trails, next to the streams and worse. [over flowing out houses, etc,].
Even nowadays when folks know better they often continue to do their business on the trail or next a leanto, especially in winter and it wasn't 5 years ago I climbed East and S. Dix and there was truly 100s of piles of crap on each summit and it looked like a bus had stopped on each and everyone got off and took a dump. It was one of the most disgusting things I ever saw...and all that ran down hill when it rained.
3 summers ago I stopped at the Nippletop/Colvin jct and couldn't believe the mess or the smell. I never did understand how someone could go hiking for miles and then be so lazy to crap on the trail.

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