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Is that a Brown Trout in the OP's avatar. Isn't that native to Europe and Asia as is the milifoil? Oh the irony....

To address the thread drift:
If mice find a food source they multiply until that foodsource is gone and then die out. I know this because I've opened a camp for many years. Why would humans be any different? Except my best camp story involves a hawk that flew through the window to get the mice and subsequently died (after eating all of them).

Humans aren't the only ones creating toxic gasses in the environment:

Humans haven't been able to change the average temperature by 5 degrees that one volcano had done in the past.

Of course there are very sensible government alternatives:

The only solution would be to make lakes and forests off limits to humans but then again humans are part of nature, maybe we can get rid of motor boats and trailers rather than creating more government to deal with the repercussions.

Or how about every motorboater moves south and takes an ATV driver, Snowmobiler and peak bagger with them. Then I can spoil the environment by myself in peace.
A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they never shall sit in
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