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Originally Posted by randomscooter View Post
One big problem is the widespread disinformation that portrays anyone who believes AGW is real must be an alarmist and want us to go back to the stone age. Just isn't true.
Here's the line of reasoning...
  1. Alarmist = "back to stone age"
  2. and... AGW = Alarmist
  3. therefore... AGW = "back to stone age"
The problem with the line of reasoning is #2. Truth is that AGW isn't the work of the Alarmists. It's the work of an overwhelming (97%) consensus of scientists.

Unfortunately the alarmists are using AGW to promote their agenda. In the eyes of the general public this taints the work of the AGW consensus, providing fertile ground for the Deniers (i.e., alarmists at the other end of the spectrum) to plant their own seeds of disinformation.

A vicious cycle that can only be broken by actually taking the time and effort to THINK about it. Unlike many people, I hold out hope that we are still capable of thinking. I hold out this hope because if I can think, anybody can. I was a skeptic not long ago. I decided it was too important an issue to simply believe my "sources", so I delved into it. That's why I currently have 4500 pages of literature sitting on my nightstand. I came back believing there is very likely something to this AGW stuff. And, perhaps more importantly, we absolutely must begin weaning ourselves off fossil fuels, for reasons independent of AGW.
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